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Women Breaking the Chains of Generational Strongholds - Plano Magazine

Bree Covington and her daughter, Breanna // photos Emilee Prado

At an event in 2017, Bree Covington felt led to share her story with the community she had built in North Texas. Born to a teenage mother, she did not speak to her mother on a regular basis until just a few years ago. Bree’s mother had experienced the same issue with her own mother, and once Bree became an adult, she didn’t want to continue that cycle of negative mother-daughter relationships. “To be honest, I felt abandoned by my mom and biological father at a young age. I was fortunate to have my grandmother, who helped raise me. I learned about God at a young age, and through my faith I was able to later realize that everything that happened was part of God’s plan for me,” Bree said. When Bree’s mother reached out to her asking for forgiveness after 25 years of little communication, Bree had already forgiven her mother in her heart. But in asking for forgiveness, her mother healed a wound in both of their lives.

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